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Central America and the Law

The Constitution, Civil Liberties, and the Courts

Mark Tushnet

Pages: 64
ISBN: 0-89608-340-3
Format: paper only
Release Date: 1988-01-01

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Description of Central America and the Law.

This is an important and useful legal primer for Central America activists. It shatters the myths about the neutrality of US law and situates legal questions where they really are: in the arena of political struggle. It shows how the law is used both by governing elites who share a consensus on keeping US hegemony in Central America and by grassroots movements that push the limits of law and appeal to its underlying values to work for the self-determination of peoples in the region.

“This book should prove indispensable well beyond the Central America movement, an elegant short course on law and the legal system for activists everywhere. Definitely not Civics 101.”—Duncan Kennedy, Harvard Law School