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The Coors Connection

How Coors Family Philanthropy Undermines Democratic Pluralism

Russ Bellant

Pages: 154
ISBN: 0-89608-416-7
Format: paper
Release Date: 1991-01-01

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Description of The Coors Connection.

A Political Research Associates Book

Through their philanthropic donations, Joseph Coors and other family members have bankrolled a right-wing agenda of union-busting, homophobia, sexism, racism, and covert operations. Here, Bellant exposes the individuals, organizations, and causes supported by Coors philanthropy.

“Russ Bellant's revealing research shows how the Coors family cynically uses multicultural imagery to sell its beer while financing influential right-wing institutions like the Heritage and Free Congress Foundations. With its funding of New Right extremism the Coors family is brewing intolerance and authoritarianism.”—Holly Sklar