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East Timor's Unfinished Struggle

Inside the Timorese Resistance

Constâncio Pinto and Matthew Jardine; Allan Nairn (Foreword); José Ramos-Horta (Preface)

Pages: 290
ISBN: 0-89608-541-4
Format: paper
Release Date: 1997-01-01
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Description of East Timor's Unfinished Struggle.

East Timor's Unfinished Struggle is necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand East Timor and who hopes to see self-determination for its people.”—1996 Nobel Peace Prize Winner José António Ramos Horta, from the Preface

Until the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two East Timorese activists, few had heard of East Timor or of its struggle for independence from Indonesia. Called "a land of crosses," East Timor is dominated by the gravestones of more than 200,000 people who have died as a result of the US-supported Indonesian invasion and annexation of the former Portuguese colony. In East Timor’s Unfinished Struggle, Constâncio Pinto, a leader in the resistance movement and colleague of the two Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Matthew Jardine, an experienced chronicler of the situation in East Timor, offer a first-hand account of life inside the Timorese independence movement.

In this emotional and inspiring memoir, Pinto describes Portuguese colonialism, East Timor’s brief moment of independence in 1975, the US-backed invasion, life under more than 20 years of Indonesian occupation, and the formation of a courageous movement for Timorese self-determination.

In addition to providing a helpful primer on Timorese culture, politics, and society, an introduction and epilogue by Jardine discuss the international solidarity movement that has stepped up the fight to win self-determination for East Timor.

Table of Contents

Preface by Jose Antonio Ramos Horta
Foreword by Allan Nairn
Introduction by Matthew Jardine
1 Origins of the Struggle
2 The Indonesian Invasion
3 Life in Remixio
4 Making a New Life in Dili
5 Joining the Underground
6 Emergence of the Underground
7 Founding the Executive Committee
8 Arrest and Torture
9 Working as a Double Agent

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