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A Play in Two Acts About Emma Goldman, American Anarchist

Howard Zinn

Pages: 176
ISBN: 0-89608-664-X
Format: paper
Release Date: 2002-01-01
This book is also available in cloth

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Description of Emma.

With his wit and unique ability to illuminate history from below, historian and playwright Howard Zinn dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the United States because of her outspoken views, including her opposition to World War I.

As Zinn writes in his Introduction, Emma Goldman “seemed to be tireless as she traveled the country, lecturing to large audiences everywhere, on birth control (‘A woman should decide for herself’), on the falsity of marriage as an institution (‘Marriage has nothing to do with love’), on patriotism (‘the last refuge of a scoundrel’) on free love (‘What is love if not free?’), and also on drama, including Shaw, Ibsen, and Strindberg.”

This book will be of immense interest to feminists, anarchists, American historians, and people interested in the long history of resistance and protest in the United States.

Note: this book is no longer published by South End Press. Please see Haymarket Books for a new edition.

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  • Praise

    “Eloquent.… The new introductory essay and the inclusion of Emma Goldman's passionate lover Ben Reitman in the drama are welcome additions. The cover design … is simply gorgeous.… There can be no way the life of such an amazing figure can be told completely in the span of one play, but Howard Zinn does a lovely job.”
    —Sady Sullivan, Weekly Dig

    “What can I say that will convey the love, respect, and admiration I feel for this people-loving troublemaker who stood with us and suffered with us? Howard Zinn was the best teacher I ever had, and the funniest.”
    —Alice Walker

    “Howard Zinn is, quite simply, a national treasure. He never stops inventing new ways to educate ourselves.”
    —Elizabeth Martínez

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