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Leasing the Ivory Tower

The Corporate Takeover of Academia

Lawrence C. Soley

Pages: 204
ISBN: 0-89608-503-1
Format: paper
Release Date: 1995-01-01

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Description of Leasing the Ivory Tower.

Exposes the corporate threats to the future of intellectual inquiry. Corporate investments, Soley argues, have led universities to attend to the interests of their well-heeled patrons, rather than those of students.

“Confirms what most student activists already know from daily experience … that the truly pervasive influences in America intellectual culture is not ‘PC’ but ‘BC’—Big Corporations.”—National Progressive Student Network

“Soley’s book puts a face (or at least a corporate logo) on the companies that are working to control the moral, financial and political direction of American colleges and universities. A must read for students fighting corporate domination.”—Center for Campus Organizing