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Made in Indonesia

Indonesian Workers Since Suharto

Dan La Botz

Pages: 424
ISBN: 0-89608-642-9
Format: paper
Release Date: 2001-01-01
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Description of Made in Indonesia.

In one of the opening acts of today's global justice movement, a dynamic new labor movement emerged in Indonesia in the 1990s, helping to bring down the brutal Suharto dictatorship in 1998. Through rare personal interviews with the activists who are leading the rebirth of struggle for democratic rights in the world's fourth-largest country, Dan La Botz draws valuable lessons for workers in the United States seeking to build international labor solidarity.

La Botz brings us inside organizations such as the People's Democratic Party, the new unions battling sweatshops and multinationals like Nike, NGOs, and student groups attempting to forge links with the working class. These forces, he argues, offer the best hope for a truly democratic future for Indonesia.

Table of Contents

1 Bringing Down Suharto: Three Generations of Activists

Part 1: Indonesia and Globalization
Indonesia in the Grip of Global Capital
3 Global Capital and Indonesia: From Imperialism to Independence
4 Global Capital and Indonesia: From Independence to the New Order

Part 2: Resisting Capital
The Fight For Freedom: The Role of the NGOs
6 The New Independent Unionism of Reformasi
7 Muchtar Pakpahan and the SBSI
8 Dita Sari and the FNPBI: Making Unions a Political Force

Part 3: The Alternative to Global Capitalism
The People's Democratic Party: A Socialist Alternative
10 Globalization, Indonesia, and International Labor Solidarity


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