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Mask of Democracy

Labor Suppression in Mexico Today

Dan La Botz

Pages: 224
ISBN: 0-89608-437-X
Format: paper
Release Date: 1992-01-01
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Description of Mask of Democracy.

Incorporating scores of interviews with Mexican rank-and-file workers, labor union officials, women's organizations, lawyers, and human rights activists, La Botz illustrates the history of Mexican workers and offers insights into their post-NAFTA prospects. Includes a discussion of the border plants called maquiladoras, histories of recent rank and file worker insurgencies, and a critique of the Bush administration's NAFTA.


“The heart of the book is its blow-by-blow accounts of major union battles, documented largely by Mexican newspaper reports and the author’s own extensive interviews of key players.”
New Politics

“[T]he author includes many vivid interviews with workers themselves and data on some lesser known labor management-government conflicts.”
Library Journal

“Using scores of interviews with Mexican workers, labor officials, women’s organizers, lawyers, and human rights activists, the author graphically illustrates the precarious state of the Mexican economy in the 1990s.”

Mask of Democracy includes chapters on labor rights and law, maquiladoras, and private industry and labor rights. It is an important and timely book.”
Connections to the Americas

Mask of Democracy...expose[s] the hypocrisy of democratic pretensions by those engaged in policy formulation in both Mexico and the United States.”
Small Press

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