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My War Diary

Lebanon, June 5–July 1, 1982

Dov Yermiya

Pages: 158
ISBN: 0-89608-200-8
Format: paper
Release Date: 1983-01-01
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Description of My War Diary.

In this passionate and humane diary, Dov Yermiya, a lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces, provides eyewitness accounts of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. My War Diary provoked widespread controversy when it was first published in Israel in 1983, and should be of equal interest to US readers concerned with their government's policies in the Middle East.

My War Diary is the antithesis of a victory album … not stories of heroism, but the hard, dark side of war.… [E]ven if these things aren't pleasant to read, they have to be spoken and written.”—Gaby Zohar, Al Hamishmar