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Networks of Power

Corporate TV's Threat to Democracy

Dennis W. Mazzocco; Herbert I. Schiller (Foreword)

Pages: 208
ISBN: 0-89608-472-8
Format: paper
Release Date: 1994-01-01
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Description of Networks of Power.

This book is a startling expose of the increasing threat to free speech and democratic government. Mazzocco describes the ways that an ever-expanding US-based multinational media cartel veils the machinations of the corporate state by dominating worldwide markets for TV, radio, newspapers, books, movies, cable, recordings, and videos.

“Mazzocco gives readers a history of the relentless convergence of concentrating power and pressured profits on television and radio. Rest assured, many of his criticisms are voiced privately by many an anchor, producer and reporter throughout television and radio land. It is time for the public audience to save them from themselves.”—Ralph Nader

"The book does a terrific job of outlining the various government and corporate connections underlying the media industry.… A key primer for anyone wishing to enter the discussion on inevitable mass communications reform.”—The Daily Texan