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The Queer Question

Essays on Desire and Democracy

Scott Tucker; Sarah Schulman (Foreword)

Pages: 256
ISBN: 0-89608-577-5
Format: paper
Release Date: 1997-01-01
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Description of The Queer Question.

“Scott has built his world view and based his actions on the idea that people's lives should not be rooted in unnecessary deprivations, whether they are medical ones or emotional ones.… In this volume, you will find a man who practices what he preaches.”—Sarah Schulman, from the foreword

In The Queer Question: Essays on Desire and Democracy, Scott Tucker issues a fierce clarion call to radicals and queers to be true to the democratic potential of the United States. In this collection of essays, Tucker targets homophobia and anti-sex sentiment within the traditional Left, racism and red-baiting among queers, narrow definitions of "family values," and democracy only for the chosen few. Tucker engages with a wide range of queer questions debated within the last decades, from the political insights of the New Left to the gay-marriage debate. Tucker writes passionately about being a long-term AIDS activist and co-founder of Prevention Point Philadelphia, a syringe exchange and harm-reduction program for drug users and sex workers. He uses his own experience as International Mr. Leather to shed light on S/M culture and polymorphous desire. Whether the topic is sex or science, Bill Clinton or Ralph Nader, Tucker argues convincingly and humanely for a society in which radical kinship, solidarity, and desire are part and parcel of a healthy civil society.

Eloquent and principled, intelligent and enlightening, Tucker's book will resonate for queer activists, proponents of social justice and equality, and radical thinkers everywhere.

Table of Contents

Foreword Internationalist Mr. Leather by Sarah Schulman
Preface The Lavender Left
Part 1 Our Right to the World: Beyond the Right to Privacy?
1 The Counterrevolution
2 Too Queer to Be Gay?: A Populist Group Fails to Support Sexual Minorities
3 "Pro-Family" Politics: Right-Wing Lightning, Left-Wing Thunder
4 Our Right to the World
Part 2 "Queerer Than We Imagine": A Defense of Identity and Solidarity
5 The Netherlands of Discourse and Desire
6 "A Face Drawn in Sand": Nature, Culture, and Identity
7 "Queerer Than We Imagine": A Defense of Identity and Solidarity
Part 3 "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": Censorship and Sexuality
8 Gender, Fucking, and Utopia: In Response to Refusing to Be A Man ( by John Stoltenberg)
9 Blight and Fruit: Some Thoughts on Sex, Death, and Censorship
10 Panic in the Pentagon: Will Queers Demoralize the Military? 
Part 4 Fighting Words: An Open Letter to Queers and Radicals
11 Fighting Words...

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