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Resource Rebels

Native Challenges to Mining and Oil Corporations

Al Gedicks

Pages: 256
ISBN: 0-89608-640-2
Format: paper
Release Date: 2000-01-01
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Description of Resource Rebels.

Native peoples throughout the globe are facing extinction due to the greed of mining and oil companies. As the energy crisis intensifies, their plight sounds the alarm to all those concerned about the prospect of global warming, genocide, and preventable eco-disasters. Resource Rebels traces the development of multiracial transnational movements in the US, Asia, Africa and Latin America that are countering resource extraction and providing direction for environmentalists and anticapitalists alike.

Other topics that are related to Ecology and Green Politics are:

  • Ecology and Green Politics
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies
  • Sociology
  • Table of Contents

    A World Out of Balance
    Scouring the Globe
    Big Oil, the Environment and Human Rights
    West Papua: The Freeport/Rio Campaign
    A Multiracial Anti-Mining Movement
    Silencing the Voice of the People: How Mining Companies Subvert Local Opposition
    The Military, Trade and Strategies for Sustainability

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