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Take the Rich Off Welfare

New, Expanded Edition

Mark Zepezauer

Pages: 160
ISBN: 0-89608-706-9
Format: paper
Release Date: 2004-04-15
This book is also available in cloth

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Description of Take the Rich Off Welfare.

Acclaimed author Mark Zepezauer exposes who's who on the government dole, how much they're raking in, and how they get away with their scams.

Take the Rich off Welfare shows how politicians and their bedfellows play Three Card Monte with our money and our future … how programs that were intended for broad public good have been warped to benefit only the rich … how politicians manipulate the tax code to hide their graft from oversight.

This greatly expanded edition of the popular 1996 original has all the details on skyrocketing taxpayers' subsidies for corporations and the wealthy. Budget doubletalk fogs the reality of the people's wealth being sucked into a black hole while privileged pockets bulge.

A prolific writer of humorous, incisive analyses of government policy and its fallout, Zepezauer teaches us how to expose this chicanery. To the rallying cry of so-called fiscal conservatives who claim that government must shrink, Zepezauer offers an easy answer. Shrink you!

Table of Contents


Part One: Individual Inequities
1 Social Security Inequities ($85 billion a year)
2 Tax Breaks for Homeowners ($32.1 billion a year)
3 Runaway Pensions ($7.6 billion a year)

Part Two: Big Business Breaks
4 Tax Avoidance by Transnationals ($137.2 billion a year)
5 Lower Taxes on Capital Gains ($89.8 billion a year)
6 Accelerated Depreciation ($85 billion a year)
7 Insurance Loopholes ($23.5 billion a year)
8 Business Meals and Entertainment ($8.8 billion a year)
9 Tax-Free Muni Bonds ($6.4 billion)
10 Export Subsidies (1.8 billion)

Part Three: Industry Chicanery
11 Military Waste and Fraud ($224 billion a year)
12 S&L Bailout ($32 billion a year)
13 Agribusiness Subsidies ($30.5 billion a year)
14 M...

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