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Undivided Rights

Women of Color Organize for Reproductive Justice

Jael Silliman, Marlene Gerber Fried, Loretta Ross, and Elena Gutiérrez

Pages: 344
ISBN: 0-89608-729-8
Format: paper
Release Date: 2004-10-15
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Description of Undivided Rights.

2005 Gustavus Myers Book Award Winner

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“Reproductive rights” is just the right to a safe abortion. Right? No! this book proclaims there's so much more. Vibrant and fierce, Undivided Rights presents a fresh, textured understanding of the reproductive rights movement by placing the experiences, priorities, and activism of women of color in the foreground. This rare book captures the evolving and largely unreported history of women of color organizing themselves in their struggle for reproductive justice. Projected against the backdrop of the mainstream pro-choice movement and less-known radical mobilization, these dynamic case studies testify how, starting within their communities, these women—Latina, African American, Native American, and Asian American—have spearheaded the fight for jurisdiction over their own bodies and reproductive destinies.

Weaving together pieces from personal interviews, organizational files, and archived documents, the book features the groundbreaking work being undertaken by women of color who have defined and implemented expansive reproductive health agendas. Rejecting legalistic remedies and seeking instead to address the wider needs of their communities, they stress the urgent need for innovative strategies that push beyond the traditional base and goals of the mainstream pro-choice movement—strategies that are broadly inclusive while being specifically effective.

While raising tough questions about inclusion, identity politics, and the future of women's organizing, the authors offer a way out of the limiting focus on "choice," and articulate a holistic vision for reproductive freedom. With Undivided Rights, the authors echo the words of Lila Watson, an aboriginal activist:

“If you have come to help me, please go away. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, let us work together.”

A read both inspiring and informative, this volume will be prized by activists and academics alike, who will come to look upon it as a foundational work in the annals of women's history.

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  • Breaking News

    December 8, 2005

    Human Rights Book Awards

    South End Press titles Conquest and Undivided Rights among the winners

    Atlanta, GA: In observance of United Nations Human Rights Day world-wide, ten books and their authors received prestigious Myers Outstanding Book Awards 2005 at The Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History (AARL), a Special Library of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, in Atlanta, GA. The Greater Atlanta human rights community joined AARL and the Gustavus Myers Center, a national organization, in honoring the awardees and co-sponsoring the lively dialogue.

    "In the struggle for justice is the hope," said Loretta J. Williams, Myers Center director, in announcing the winners: