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The Logic of Withdrawal

Howard Zinn

Pages: 144
ISBN: 0-89608-681-X
Format: paper only
Release Date: 2002-01-01

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Description of Vietnam.

Of the many books that challenged the Vietnam War, Howard Zinn's stands out as one of the best—and most influential. It helped spark national debate on the war. It includes a powerful speech written by Zinn that President Johnson should have given to lay out the case for ending the war. This new edition, Volume 3 in the South End Press Radical 60s Series, includes a new introduction by Howard Zinn.

Note: this book is no longer published by South End Press. Please see Haymarket Books for a new edition.

Table of Contents

Preface to the South End Press Edition
1 A Matter of Perspective
2 The View From Afar: Japan
3 A View From Within: The Negro
4 The View From History: What Nation Can Be Trusted?
The United States and Saigon: Reform or Revolution?
6 Violence: The Moral Equation
7 A Double Deception: The Problem of Aggression
8 Munich, Dominos, and Containment
9 Withdrawl
10 A Speech for LBJ

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