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Fateful Triangle

The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians

Noam Chomsky; Edward W. Said (Foreword)

Pages: 578
Edition: Classics Series, Volume 3
ISBN: 0-89608-601-1
Format: paper only
Release Date: 1999-01-01

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Description of Fateful Triangle.

Noam Chomsky’s seminal tome on Mideast politics has become a classic in the fields of political science and Mideast affairs.

For its tenth printing, Chomsky has added chapters bringing the book completely up to date, with a new preface by Chomsky, a new foreword from Palestinian author and activist Edward W. Said, and new material on the Intifada, the ongoing Israeli-PLO "peace process" (including the Oslo and Wye accords), and Israel’s war against Lebanon.

This new, updated edition, Volume 3 in the South End Press Classics Series, highlights the book’s lasting relevance, for readers of the first edition. It is invaluable to anyone seeking to understand the Middle East and US foreign policy today.

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