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Necessary Illusions

Thought Control in Democratic Societies

Noam Chomsky

Pages: 424
ISBN: 0-89608-366-7
Format: paper
Release Date: 1989-01-01

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Description of Necessary Illusions.

This is an essential introduction to the "propaganda model" of media analysis. Chomsky gives a detailed, powerful critique of the use of propaganda in "free societies" and offers a message of hope, reminding us that resistance is possible, necessary and effective.


“A detailed and careful reminder that just because someone in authority says something, it isn't necessarily true. Chomsky is speaking truth to power. In doing so he makes life better for each of us, offering us hope and strength.”

“Chomsky is one of the few Americans to consistently challenge the dominant social forces. He sees no developmental alternative short of social and structural change.”
World Development

“A thought-provoking book brimming with important information. Chomsky is to be praised for his efforts to show that the major media, like the schools, function as propaganda organs of the state.”
American-Arab Affairs

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