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Dear South End people,

Thank you for connecting us with your author, Kristian Williams. He spoke at our shop last night and did wonderfully... He's really very graceful in front of an audience, and has great recall of his material.... The Q&A following was just great.

We're a small neighborhood store, just celebrating our first anniversary. Events like this mean a great deal to us. And we love having authors like Kristian. It's important to us to have the authors we host reflect our values and concerns. We were especially happy to be able to make a small donation to the organization Kristian works with, Rose City Copwatch—$10% of the evening's sales.

I would have sent an actual thank-you note, but we're fresh out, and I didn't want to wait to let you know how pleased we were to host Kristian. If you find that you have other authors in your list who will be available to speak in Portland, please do let us know.

Thanks always,

Nena Rawdah, co-owner
St. Johns Booksellers
8622 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203

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