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Community Supported Publishing (CSP)

South End Press Collective

ISBN: 0-89608-012-9
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 0000-00-00

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Description of Community Supported Publishing (CSP).

Please note: we are currently experiencing difficulty with our website order form. To join our CSP program or to learn more, please email us at Thank you for your patience and support as we address this!

Celebrate the bounty of the harvest!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has helped to make independent, healthy farming sustainable. Now there is Community Supported Publishing (CSP)! By joining the South End Press CSP movement you ensure a steady crop of books guaranteed to change your world. As a member you receive all the new varieties and choice heirloom selections free each month and a 10% discount on everything else. (That is: every new book we publish while you are a member and selected backlist and best-sellers.)

By becoming a CSP member you not only show solidarity with the collective that operates South End Press, but enable us to continue and expand the way we serve and support radical movement. CSP members are crucial to our ongoing operations. It is your regular support that allows us to keep your shelves stocked with important books (even if they aren't on the NYT bestseller list!).

Just as real change comes about from sustained grassroots organizing and people joining together, we know it is the modest support from a broad range of people that will allow South End Press to survive and grow.

It is only with the support of ordinary people on a regular basis that we can continue to struggle. Won't you join the movement today?

Subscriptions start at $20/month.
Please note: When you add the CSP to your shopping cart the computer makes it look like a one-time book purchase and adds shipping. Don't worry, real people actually get your order and know how to handle it.

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