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Violence Every Day (Paperback original)

Police Brutality and Racial Profiling Against Women, Girls, and Trans People of Color
Andrea J. Ritchie
Released 2014-12-01
Veteran lawyer and activist Andrea J. Ritchie drills down through myriad police interactions around the country to examine the laws and attitudes that underpin this violence, offering concrete suggestions for policy changes and grassroots action to enable women and trans people of color to achieve a greater measure of safety for themselves and their communities.
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Staying Alive (Paperback original)

Women, Ecology and Development
Vandana Shiva
Released 2010-11-01
“Vandana Shiva is one of the world's most prominent radical scientists . . . in Staying Alive she defines the links between ecological crises, colonialism, and the oppression of women. It is a scholarly and polemical plea for the rediscovery of the ‘feminine principle’ in human interaction with the natural world, not as a gender-based quality, rather an organizing principle, a way of seeing the world.” —The Guardian
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American Methods (Paper)

Torture and the Logic of Domination
Kristian Williams
Released 2006-04-12
This pathbreaking study observes torture as a veteran tool of American power. Examining the racial and gender politics of torture, Williams draws powerful conclusions about the centrality of rape and white supremacy to US empire and life at home.
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Amway (paper)

The Cult of Free Enterprise
Steve Butterfield
Released 1985-01-01
Butterfield, an ex-Amway distributor, dissects the dynamics of this “Free Enterprise” empire with an insider’s insight.
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